Back to WordPress

As you can see from the horrendous design of my site, I’m back on WordPress! The horrendous design is my own fault, and I’ll get around to fixing it when I find the time/motivation to do so, but I wanted to get back to WordPress sooner rather than later so I decided to just put up with it for now. I’ve written about the various blogging platforms I’ve used in the past and why I preferred static site generators over CMSs like WordPress, but at the end of the day I find that for me personally, managing a static site ends up feeling a lot like work and not like blogging, as I can’t resist the urge to tinker with them and thus spend more time playing around with the site and the generator than I spend blogging. That pretty much defeats the purpose so I’ve come back to WordPress in an effort to streamline the writing and publishing process and actually put a bit of a barrier between myself and the code, so that it’s less tempting to mess with my site and more encouraging to just write for it. Time will tell if this strategy pans out for me!

Update 2021-09: I've gone back and forth between WordPress and static site generators, but ultimately I've come back to static sites because they're much easier to maintain as far as security goes (no updates to apply, no brute-force attacks to prevent, etc), and I don't have to use a stupid web interface just to write content for my site. I'm not a huge fan of web interfaces so if I can avoid them, I will. I'll keep my terminal, thank you.