Writing Essays in Vim

This month I went back to school, so I now find myself needing to write essays once again. It's been quite a few years since I last had to do homework like this, and I now find word processors to be rather clunky and inefficient compared to just using vim. The only thing I needed was to know how many words I had written to see if I had fulfilled the requirements yet. While I could have just used the wc command, I did a little searching and it turns out that vim has word counting capabilities built in. Pressing g followed by Ctrl + G will show you a quick summary of your position in the document you're writing. Doing so on the file for this post for example looks something like this:

Col 4 of 4; Line 11 of 11; Word 154 of 154; Byte 863 of 864

Note: You'll need to be in Normal mode (not Insert mode) for this to work.