Dark Mode Aware Live Wallpaper

Recently I’ve been playing around with an iOS device, and one of the things I found I really liked was the ability to set a wallpaper that would change depending on whether or not the device had dark mode enabled.

A screenshot from an iPhone showing some wallpaper options that change depending on whether or not dark mode is enabled.

I use a Pixel phone though, so this doesn’t help me very much. While Android has had the concept of live wallpapers since Android 2.1 and a system-wide dark theme since Android 10, I’m not aware of any apps that take advantage of dark mode like this to adapt the wallpaper accordingly (I’d be happy to be shown a few though!) I thought it might be fun to build out a simple app that does just this, so I’ve begun work on it as of today. This is of course a super early preview of what I’ve put together so far, but as you can see from the screenshots, I’ve been able to adapt the wallpaper color based on whether or not dark mode is enabled.

Stay tuned for more news on this front!