Simple Markdown January Updates

I barely managed to squeeze these updates into the end of January, despite a busy post-holiday season for me. Simple Markdown is still not polished enough for me to call it a 1.0 release yet, as there are still plenty of rough edges to smooth out, and a few new features I’d like to add. You can grab the current revision from the Play Store or the GitHub releases page. In this update, version 0.3.1, you can expect the following:


  • A couple of new features
  • Bug fixes
  • Code cleanup

New features

  • Settings: you are seeing the beginnings of some customization. I’ll try to keep things simple with it in the spirit of the app, but I also know that it’s nice to have a little control over your apps.
  • Auto-save: files are now automatically saved whenever you leave the app. No need to tap the “Save” button any more! Note: this is enabled by default but can be disabled from the settings.
  • New files: you can now quickly reset your working file to switch into another file. No need to close and re-open the app any more!
  • Auto-capitalization: the editor will automatically capitalize new sentences so you can leave the Shift key in peace!
  • Adaptive icon!

Bug fixes/reliability improvements:

  • Fixed horizontal scrolling for code blocks. This is disabled by default, since it conflicts with the swipe to view the preview or go back to editing feature. For now, you can quickly enable/disable swiping from the menu by tapping “Lock Swiping”, but I hope to make this automatic in the future so you don’t have to think about it anymore. I’ll be sure to write about it when I’ve got it 🙂
  • Fixed title setting on opening new files.
  • Cleaned up some unneeded/unused code.
  • Added more tests to prevent regressions.
  • Fixed a bug with physical keyboards where holding down Backspace could cause a crash

I’m going to continue working on Simple Markdown as I have time, and as always, don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you run into any problems or have any suggestions or requests for improving the app! You can get in touch through the contact page on my site or from the GitHub issues page.