SSL Encryption from Let's Encrypt

If you've been following my site at all, you'll now notice that it, along with the apps hosted on it, are encrypted via SSL! I decided to take the time to set it up because I take security and privacy very seriously. Even though I'm the primary user on my site, and the one posting the most data, I still have left a few areas for readers to give their two cents, and as this StackOverflow user points out, connections should be encrypted anytime you transmit information that shouldn't be made public. E-mail addresses, for example, are not something you want to freely give out, unless you don't mind having your inbox filled with spam and potentially getting it and any accounts you have set up with it hacked. Anyways, here's how I got it to work:

It's really possible thanks to Let's Encrypt, a free, automated SSL certificate authority. So it's pretty much a set-up-and-forget type situation. Which means I can focus more on learning new technologies or improving my existing code instead of worrying about server administration. I'm pretty happy with the setup and one of the coolest things about it is, it's all open source. Since I am a user and a fan of their services, I will absolutely have to contribute to the advances once I have time to do so. After all, you have to give back somehow.

As for the more technical details on getting it to work, Digital Ocean (the company I rent my server from), has a nice tutorial on getting things going. If you run into any trouble getting it going, feel free to drop a comment or shoot me an email and I'd be happy to help.