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person Billy Brawneraccess_time August 28, 2017

Simple Markdown is an app that, simply put, allows you to write Markdown. There’s no fluff, no extras, and I’m not collecting data on you – it’s just markdown. For those times when you want the app to get out of your way and just let you do your thing, Simple Markdown is there for you. Personally, I prefer to write my blog posts in Markdown, as I find the rich text editor doesn’t always work the way I want it to, especially when I’m dealing with code. Writing the raw HTML can be a little tedious too, particularly when I can’t count on my editor to auto-close the tags (I know, I’m a lazy dev :P).

Anyways, the app is open source, licensed under the Apache 2.0 license, so you can check out the code and contribute to it if you’d like! I’d also appreciate any feedback on how I can make it or the code better, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to open an issue or contact me directly! Below you can find a few screenshots of the app in action, and be sure to check it out on the Play Store!

For more information on some background for the app, check out my blog post.

Opening the app for the first time takes you straight to editing – worry about the file name and where to save it later.


Typing in Markdown doesn’t do immediate previews (I find them really annoying)
Instead, you can just swipe over to the PREVIEW tab or tap on it to see what your Markdown will look like rendered in HTML
I’ve included a little help document for those who aren’t familiar with Markdown as well (written in Markdown)
Saving files is pretty straight-forward
In landscape mode, you get a live preview of what you’re typing off to the side.
You can easily share the markdown to other apps as well


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