Interval Timer

My Interval Timer was an intro to Progressive Web Apps for me. It's written in Angular.JS 1, and makes use of Service Workers and local caching to allow you to use it offline. I even went as far as creating my own audio tracks for the sounds.

Say Time for Chrome

One of the features of macOS that I really appreciate is the ability to have the Mac announce the hour. I find it incredibly helpful to stay on schedule and keep track of time. Unfortunately, on Windows and Linux, this isn't as simple to set up. To make things simpler for those of us who aren't on macOS, I wrote a Chrome extension to do just that!

Simple Markdown

Simple Markdown is an app that, simply put, allows you to write Markdown. There's no fluff, no extras, and I'm not collecting data on you - it's just markdown. For those times when you want the app to get out of your way and just let you do your thing, Simple Markdown is there for you. Personally, I prefer to write my blog posts in Markdown, as I find the rich text editor doesn't always work the way I want it to, especially when I'm dealing with code. Writing the raw HTML can be a little tedious too, particularly when I can't count on my editor to auto-close the tags (I know, I'm a lazy dev :P).