Adding C Code to your Android App

Create a new project, or download the zip file/clone the repo from here. I’ve chosen to start with a new project targeting API 15 and up, including Kotlin support and the AndroidX libraries. Side note: you could just create a C++ project at the Activity selection screen. That’s not the goal here though. I’m looking … Continue reading Adding C Code to your Android App

Swift Combine’s Result.Publisher

Coming from a background in Java/Android development, I’m fairly familiar with working in RxJava and the reactive style of programming. Without getting into the details of said style, there’s a particular operator you can use called Observable.just(), which allows you to wrap a single value in an Observable. This is particularly helpful in tests or mock … Continue reading Swift Combine’s Result.Publisher

View Your Repositories Remotely with GitWeb

If you’ve been following my blog, you probably saw the post where I outlined my personal git server setup. In it, I showed off the ls command that I’ve configured for quickly viewing my repositories remotely. This is quite limited though, in that it only shows me the names of the repositories, without any further details or even … Continue reading View Your Repositories Remotely with GitWeb

Spring Boot Config Priorities

Recently, while working on a job, I ran into an interesting problem with Spring Boot: the configuration files I had defined using the @PropertySourceannotation were being overridden by the file, which I had also defined with a @PropertySource annotation. Why wasn’t Spring prioritizing my configuration files correctly? What I was attempting to accomplish was shipping my jar with some default configuration … Continue reading Spring Boot Config Priorities

Using Dockerized MySQL for Local Development

Working with a database is pretty much a given for most of the projects I’ve worked on lately, which means that in order to get any work done locally, I’ve had to install a MySQL server, configure it, add the users and databases for each project, and grant the permissions accordingly. Because I didn’t want … Continue reading Using Dockerized MySQL for Local Development