SSL Encryption from Let’s Encrypt

If you’ve been following my site at all, you’ll now notice that it, along with the apps hosted on it, are encrypted via SSL! I decided to take the time to set it up because I take security and privacy very seriously. Even though I’m the primary user on my site, and the one posting … Continue reading SSL Encryption from Let’s Encrypt

My Home Cloud Server/Router with a Raspberry Pi

My apartment doesn’t have wireless internet, but I do have ethernet access. In the past, I’ve used my laptop to create a wireless access point so that I could use my phone and tablet without worrying about running through my cellular data, but that was inconvenient because it basically turned my laptop into a desktop. … Continue reading My Home Cloud Server/Router with a Raspberry Pi

Workout Generator Updates

After much consideration, I’ve decided to take the workout generator I’ve been developing open source. I’ve always viewed it as a learning experience for myself, and a canvas of sorts on which I could develop my skills. With it being open source, I hope that other interested developers will join in and help me create … Continue reading Workout Generator Updates