Getting More into Blogging

I follow quite a few blogs, podcasts, and YouTube channels related to software engineering, and a common theme I’ve noticed between several of the producers of the more inspirational content I follow is that they recommend doing something to get yourself out there, be it maintaining a blog, speaking at conferences, starting a podcast, etc. … Continue reading Getting More into Blogging

Testing Your Android Apps for Chromebooks – When You Don’t Have One

While I don’t have a Chromebook, I recently bought a Samsung Dex, which for those of you who aren’t aware of what that is, it basically allows you to take your Samsung phone, dock it, connect a mouse, keyboard, and external monitor, and use the phone as if it were a desktop computer. Seeing as … Continue reading Testing Your Android Apps for Chromebooks – When You Don’t Have One

Say Time for Chrome

tl;dr – Say Time for Chrome in the Chrome Web Store One of the features of macOS that I really appreciate is the ability to have the Mac announce the hour. I find it incredibly helpful to stay on schedule and keep track of time. Unfortunately, on Windows and Linux, this isn’t as simple to … Continue reading Say Time for Chrome

Progressive Web Apps

For the longest time, I’ve wanted to get into Android development. While I haven’t yet taken the time to learn Java and get to it, I have been looking into progressive web apps. They’re actually rather exciting. Essentially, they seek to make web apps feel like native apps, to improve the user experience and increase … Continue reading Progressive Web Apps