I Just Can’t Stay Away From Linux

Just over a year ago, I downloaded and installed Linux onto my computer for the first time. I wanted to learn to program and I had read that programming on Windows was pretty tough, particularly for newbies, and that Linux would be much easier to get going with, especially considering I didn’t have the money … Continue reading I Just Can’t Stay Away From Linux

SSL Encryption from Let’s Encrypt

If you’ve been following my site at all, you’ll now notice that it, along with the apps hosted on it, are encrypted via SSL! I decided to take the time to set it up because I take security and privacy very seriously. Even though I’m the primary user on my site, and the one posting … Continue reading SSL Encryption from Let’s Encrypt

Linux vs OSX vs Windows for Web Development

tl;dr Linux is great if you are on older hardware, just getting started, or like the most control over your system. OSX is great if you appreciate quality design can get past the price. Windows is great if you like to have a wide variety of choices and/or are on a budget.

My Home Cloud Server/Router with a Raspberry Pi

My apartment doesn’t have wireless internet, but I do have ethernet access. In the past, I’ve used my laptop to create a wireless access point so that I could use my phone and tablet without worrying about running through my cellular data, but that was inconvenient because it basically turned my laptop into a desktop. … Continue reading My Home Cloud Server/Router with a Raspberry Pi

Workout Generator Updates

After much consideration, I’ve decided to take the workout generator I’ve been developing open source. I’ve always viewed it as a learning experience for myself, and a canvas of sorts on which I could develop my skills. With it being open source, I hope that other interested developers will join in and help me create … Continue reading Workout Generator Updates