Deciding on a Linux Distro

Before I begin my examination of various distros, I’d like to retrace my steps and discuss some of my past experiences with the few distros that I’ve tried. When I first got into Linux and started using it, I went with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. All of my Google searches pointed to it being the most […]

Fresh Starts

I have a tendency to play around with my system, which has been both very good and very bad for me. On one hand, I have learned so much from tinkering and inspecting files and breaking things, that I probably would not have otherwise learned. On the other hand, I do occasionally break the system […]

I Just Can’t Stay Away From Linux

Just over a year ago, I downloaded and installed Linux onto my computer for the first time. I wanted to learn to program and I had read that programming on Windows was pretty tough, particularly for newbies, and that Linux would be much easier to get going with, especially considering I didn’t have the money […]

Mysterious Issues on my Site

For the past couple of weeks, I’d noticed that my site was randomly crashing due to MySQL failing on the server. In case any of you saw it, this is what was causing the “Error establishing connection to database” page (which I will customize for the future when I have a spare moment.) This seemed […]

The Amazon Kindle: A Review

When Amazon first released the Kindle, I wasn’t overly impressed. My opinion of it at the time was that it was an over-simplified tablet, capable of nothing more than opening eBooks. My tablet can do that, and it can surf the web, play games, and watch movies. What could be so great about a tablet […]